Structured Literacy Programs

Loomis Gateway Academy offers three different Programs using Orton Gillingham, or Structured Literacy to give your child the help they need to succeed in school.  

1. After School Tutoring for the mild to moderately dyslexic student

2. Alternative Education Program for the moderate, severe, or profoundly dyslexic student

3. Summer 4-week Program of Reading and Math + Fun

for all dyslexic students grades 2-8


Alternative Education Program

If your child is moderately or severely dyslexic, or is profoundly dyslexic, twice a week tutoring is not enough. LGA offers an intensive Alternative Education Program to provide specialized Reading, Writing, Spelling and Math instruction four times a week which we believe is necessary to advance the more severely dyslexic student. Frequency of instruction, and repetition of instruction is key to helping the severely dyslexic student.  And when dyslexia is severe it can impact a child's learning in all subjects.  The Alternative Education Program can include Science, Social Studies, and Art, each taking your child's dyslexia into consideration.   LGA provides necessary programs; the parent may wish to supplement their child's education with additional Science, Social Studies and PE.

After School Tutoring for grades 1-12

We offer Reading Remediation tutoring during after school hours Monday-Thursday using the Barton Reading & Spelling system. 

We provide a brief initial assessment of your child which enables us to determine if (s)he would benefit from our tutoring and, if so, how frequent the tutoring should be for optimum results.  

Summer Program

Summer is an ideal time for your child to catch up on reading and math when they don’t have other classes and homework to worry about.  Our Summer Program includes reading and math every day (4/week) along with Outdoor Movement Games, Science Experiments and Art.  This is a great opportunity for kids to meet and interact with other children who struggle with the same issues that they do and, to work together in a positive and collaborative learning environment.  This program has limited space and fills up quickly. 

 Screenings and Assessments


Until the problem is properly identified, there is no chance of remediating it.


A Full Dyslexia Screening includes standardized testing administered by qualified testers, who also understand all aspects of dyslexia.  In order to detect the presence of dyslexia, a broad range of testing is required, including the gathering of early childhood history and family history

The Screening is a 3-step process:

1) A parent interview to gather early childhood and family history (30 min),

2) The testing (2+hours), and

3) A follow-up meeting with the parent to go over a comprehensive written report (1 hr).  

The report includes suggestions for remediation, and accommodations.