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Loomis Gateway Academy has established a region wide reputation for delivering educational results.  Students typically progress 2-3 years in Reading and Math per academic year. Graduates of LGA have shown year after year that they are fully equipped to meet the demands of public or private school and achieve success!


Loomis Gateway Academy

can accommodate students enrolled in Public School, Private School, and/or Home Schooled by parents.  Our Learning Center is staffed with credentialed and certified teachers, trained specifically to work with dyslexia.  We know what dyslexia looks like, and we believe it is the responsibility of the teacher, not the student, to make the necessary changes in order for learning to take place.  We make it our job to provide the right programs, taught by the right teachers, to put students back on track for a successful learning experience.

For Dyslexia Screenings 

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schedule a screening via our Contact Page or click here: loomisgateway@gmail.com 


Loomis Gateway Academy is the first and the only California Private  Learning Center in Northern California, outside of the Bay area, dedicated solely to teaching dyslexic students.  We believe it is the right of every child to enjoy a full life of learning through reading.