How to enroll in the 

            Alternative Educational Program  


First, contact LGA via email 

or, call 916-778-6540

We will advise you on taking steps to do one of the following:


1. Enroll in our Alternative Education Program for a full curriculum  

2. or, Fill out your own Private School Affidavit by going to, OR 

3. or, Remain enrolled with your Home District if you are receiving provisions from them.​

              When a dyslexic student is 2+ years behind in multiple subjects at school, you may want to consider our Alternative Education Program intended to close the gap between a student's current grade and their grade level performance in reading and math.   The Alternative Education Program is provided for the student who is moderate to severely dyslexic, or profoundly dyslexic.  Our goal is success in your child's learning.


All LGA staff are either certified dyslexia Reading Specialists, Public School Credentialed teachers, or highly qualified individuals trained to work with the dyslexic learner.