About Us

Loomis Gateway Academy has countless hours of intensive teaching experience with dyslexic students.
Our Learning Center has an Alternative Education Program, After School Tutoring, Summer Programs, and we have Certified Dyslexia Screeners to administer full Dyslexia Screenings.
Alternative Education Program   Our Alternative Education Program is intended to meet the needs of the moderate-to-severe, severe, or profoundly dyslexic student.  If your child is more than 2 years behind in academic subjects at school, our Alternative Education Program may be an option.  In a cooperative manner along with the parent, our Alternative Education courses will address those areas of greatest concern regarding the dyslexic learner, specifically Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Math.  Often Social Studies, Science and Art must also be taught with a background knowledge of dyslexia.  When dyslexia affects learning across the board, all subjects should be taught by those with experience and specialized training in programs designed for the dyslexic learner.
After School Tutoring  We tutor students of all ages during after school hours.  We use Structured Literacy Approaches which are multi-sensory, highly structured, sequential, cumulative and explicit.  Our tutoring is one-on-one, unlike any other tutoring center.
Dyslexia Screenings provide the certainty whether or not dyslexia is the underlying cause of learning difficulties for your child.  A full screening consists of a thorough and comprehensive testing process using standardized testing methods administered by a Certified Dyslexia Screener.​ The written report includes suggestions and recommendations for accommodations.
Summer Programs are a necessary component to working successfully with dyslexia. Summer is an excellent time to concentrate on Reading and Math without the conflict of other classroom obligations. Our Summer Programs offer fun while learning.​


Stuart and Tesa are incredible teachers.  What makes them so is simply due to their nature as people.  They are extremely intelligent, well versed in the educational needs of children, inspiring, fun, caring and see the beauty in each and every child.  Both Tesa and Stuart have strong communication skills when interacting with students and with parents.  Their ability to connect with each student allows them to have a wonderful rapport with kids of all ages.  They create an environment that is academically, emotionally and socially rewarding.

I recommend the Alternative Education Program without reservation.  

Melissa Emerzian

Dear Stuart and Tesa,

Our son came to you broken and wounded, with very little hope.  After his stay with LGA he is confident, happy, and filled with hope.  Scars and emotional pain with learning are still there, BUT  now he knows he has a place in society, he does belong and matter in the education realm.  Our son found friendships and people like himself at LGA.  He has a power inside him that I don't think he knew was in him.  Please know from the bottom of our hearts how much we appreciate and treasure our son's time at LGA.

We know now that he is going to be successful in whatever he decides to do with his life, and my prayer is that somehow, someway he can help and give back to those who will struggle just like he has.  Blessings to you both, and we all know you both carry wings on your back!


Denise Wiedman

"I am so happy that we found Read, Write & Spell for our son Jack.​

He was struggling so much with reading that it was starting to affect his self-esteem.  Stuart and Tesa have given him back his desire to learn and the confidence to do so."

Andrew  entered LGA with his academic function at an early first grade level.  In less than one complete school year with the support of LGA, he has made more academic progress than in all his previous school years combined.  He is now nearing grade level in all academic areas.

Best of all, his self-confidence, social interaction, and general outlook and demeanor have blossomed.  He is happy and bright, and looks forward to learning.

LGA is a wonderful Learning Center.  The staff of LGA is truly and deeply dedicated to helping these children.  They genuinely have the child’s best interest at heart.  LGA has been a godsend to us and our son. 


Rich Ikerd